Ferienhäuser im Naturpark Ebro - Delta

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You do not treasure your privacy until it is missing. Take a vacation in a cottage, privately rented.

Private cottage letting in the natural preserve of Ebro Delta – Kurt Menter

Vacation in one of the biggest natural preserves in Europe.

Family holiday in comfortable cottages, relaxation on beaches not crowded, fishing in water which among is the richest in fish anyway or kite surfing in the bay of Riumar (Riomar). The Ebro Delta offers something for everyone.

Despite slowly rising tourism, the Ebro Delta largely has kept its original character and fascination. Here you can take a vacation apart from the usual mass tourism. The wide, long beach which drops flat into the sea, is unparalleled in Spain.

It is a paradise for little children and endless relaxing walks are also possible. Trips in the closer surrounding or the hinterland offer a wide alternation. Upstream the Ebro there is a lot of other things to discover. The wine-growing area of Terra Alta is not only interesting for wine lovers. Under the heading “information” you can find a choice of tips and links.

Vacation with your dog? No problem! In most of our houses pets are welcome. If you respect some rules you can enjoy marvelous holiday days with your four-legged. Several information concerning this theme we summarized under the heading “Vacation with your dog”.

Riumar consists of round about 1000 one- and two-storey cottages, a little supermarket, a bakery, souvenir shops, fishing equipment, tennis courts, bike hire services and more. Within approximately 2 km round are 17restaurants with different standards.

The Ebro Delta offers pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Already in April the average temperatures lie at over 20 degrees Celsius and it is still possible to take a bath in the pool or sea in October. The warm climate is the perfect winter quarters for migratory birds from Northern Europe. Over 300 domestic kinds of birds have been detected and a lot of them can be observed along the hiking trails.

In the natural preserve of Ebro Delta, Riumar with its cottages, the beautiful beach, various attractions and the wonderful nature offers not only families but also fishermen and water-sports many possibilities to spend a good vacation. The large number of regular customers supports us that we offer our houses at a reasonable cost/performance ratio. Our aim is not to expand as much as possible but moreover to look after the available houses and costumers the best.

If you have chosen one of our houses and know about the exact journey time contact us to immediately save the house desired. Because of our limited offer of houses our regular customers always book very early.